No #vlogmas this year, decided to do a #blogmas instead


Most years I attempt (and fail) to complete Vlogmas on YouTube and I realise that it’s not always possible for me to make a video, edit it and upload it all in the day, for it to only be seen by a handful of people (who I’m really grateful for), so this year I thought I’d have a stab at doing Blogmas, a daily blog throughout December

I will preface this with the fact that I have a track record for being rather shit at doing daily projects, I started a daily podcast for lockdown and due to my mental health having a little swim in the sad pool, I feel behind and seemingly abandoned the project, I had a little bit of feedback from it but I felt like I wasn’t really doing anything different from my normal podcast and so the project got abandoned, I might try to record a final episode tomorrow for the end of lockdown to have closure on it, but we shall see.

I’ve definitely felt myself falling out of love with content creation, I’m currently trying to think about how I want to do things going forward but I’m not at that decision making sweet spot yet, maybe through this month with these blogs I might get closer to an answer for that, but who knows?!

I did have some good suggestions and messages on social media so I’m going to look into a few things and see what might work and what might completely fail.

Today was World AIDS day, a day for us to remember those we’ve lost – the BBC, in very bad taste posted about using red ribbons to tie on trees as remembrance for those lost to COVID, it was a really ill-advised thing to do and really disrespectful to people who live with HIV, to those we have lost and to the LGBTQI+ community in general.

Really BBC?!

I’m in bed now, I’ve got the most awful tummy ache and I’m feeling sorry for myself – I’ve had a really nice evening with my partner – we had Nando’s delivered and then watched Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime.

Time for sleeps now though, catch you all tomorrow!

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