Brilliantly Bad Breakfasts

We woke up pretty early today, showered and made our way downstairs to have breakfast, this cost us £20 for two, now I only mention the price of the breakfast because it rather a large amount to pay for a breakfast but it being a 4 star hotel, we expected the cost to be justified come breakfast time.

It wasn’t.

We arrived and chose a table near the window, and then realised that breakfast was in the form of a buffet and there was an influx of O.A.P’s buzzing around the food area. Tom and I were the youngest people there, and I’m bloody 30!

The food…ah, the food, well… *deep breath*

The fried eggs were hard, having sat in a tray under a hot lamp for however long, the beans were watery and bland, the bacon was limp, the scrambled egg certainly wasn’t egg, the sausages far too salty and the black pudding hard and chewy, the only saving grace of the breakfast was the hash browns (because hash browns are always good) and the coffee, all of the food was also tepid, which given that it had been sat under a hot lamp was rather surprising!

After a disappointing breakfast we made our way back upstairs and checked the TripAdvisor reviews for the hotel, all of them talked about the quality of the food being substandard and that the in-room air conditioning doesn’t work, I’d discovered this myself whilst trying to reduce the temperature in the room using the controls, yet the room stayed at a constant 26 degrees Celsius.

Before leaving our room I had to take the following photo, mainly because I thought it was a really random place for a mirror, directly above the toilet, so every single time that I went for a piss I got to see myself doing so, I’ve never stayed anywhere that has had a setup like this before and just thought it was bizarre!

We checked out and made our way to Kings Cross via Canary Wharf station and then got onto our train home, sat down and started to relax.

We needn’t have bloody bothered…

“This train has been delayed until further notice”

And then 10 minutes later…

“This train has been cancelled, London Liverpool Street will be accepting tickets for travel to Cambridge”


We had to then make our way back to the underground to the Metropolitan Line to get to Liverpool Street, we arrived with about 50 minutes until our train was due to leave because, of course, we’d missed the other one by 10 minutes!

We picked up a latte each and then made our way to our alternate train, and this brings us up to now, I’m writing this as we make our way back to Cambridge, this train is rather old, the first class is full of people who haven’t paid for first class tickets, the doors don’t close so all we can hear is screaming children and there’s a constant vibrating noise emanating from somewhere so it’s either part of the train or someone’s dildo going off in their luggage, it’s probably the latter, there’s a posh woman in our carriage and the sound is coming from over there!

Fast forward to now, it’s 11:43pm as I write this.

We got back into Cambridge around 12:50pm and headed straight to the nearest taxi, the taxi driver was a little bit strange and started going off on this story about losing all his money and wanting to buy an Audi, at this point Tom just stared out of the window as I feigned interest in his pointless tale until we were home.

As soon as we got in we dropped off our belongings, packed a few bits and then set off in the car to Buckingham.

The journey to Buckingham didn’t take too long, Tom had created a playlist to listen to on the drive there so we put that on and before we knew it we were there.

We’d originally planned to get there for 1pm but due to the incompetence of Network Rail we turned up at just after 2:30pm, it was lovely to see everyone that had come down to celebrate Tom’s dad’s birthday and the meal was lovely too, Tom’s parents are amazing cooks!

After dinner we all retired to the lounge and sat talking for a bit until people started to leave, had some sandwiches and carried on chatting until it was time for bed.

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