Yay, peeps and peepettes as of the 19th, i will have broadband!!

Looking forward to that, Dot Cotton was good, Candy J was Fantastic, and a good nite was had by all…sounds like i’m writing a review!

Remixed a few things using the instrumental i created of Tomcraft – Overdose, such a good song.

Been going for lots of walks with Robjn recently, very relaxing and makes a change from the dreary world of the city centre and its smoggy atmosphere, went over Robjn’s last night for dinner and Reeemixing.

Shaunii popped into work to let us know he was back in Cambridge 🙂

Been working full-time all this week, so quite tired…feeling FAT again, so health is the option, I’ll be back to walking next week so it shouldn’t be too difficult to shift.

Been listening to Phixx – Love Revolution since Matty sent me it, the other nite, payday tomorrow WOOHOO!!

ciao bella x x x


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