Calm Down Dear! It’s For Charity!

So chances are that if you use the internet then you will have seen many a video of celebrities, friends and family all doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and raising money for charity, what’s not to like about that?

Well it seems that there are a minority of people that are calling it stupid, wasteful and calling out people that are “doing it wrong”.

I can’t understand how raising both money and awareness for different charities is a bad thing, how many of you can say that you knew what ALS (Amyotrophoc Iateral Sclerosis) was before this outpouring of charitable comradery swept the world? I certainly didn’t but now I do.

People have also been saying that it’s not the Ice Bucket Challenge if the money goes to other charities, I don’t agree with this at all, if someone wishes to donate to a charity close to their heart then that’s also great too, it’s helping people or animals in need of support.

I made a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support when I did my challenge.

Then you also get the people that are saying that it’s a waste of water, but then so is having a massive outside swimming pool in your back garden, having a bath, running the tap when you brush your teeth, etc….people have also been making donations to the charity, Water Aid to counteract this too.

To the people getting all huffy and refusing to do it, join in and donate to a charity you support – the ice bucket challenge may cool you down a bit!

These are the following videos of Ice Bucket Challenges from my boyfriend Tom, my brother Ray and me!

My Ice Bucket Challenge

Tom’s Ice Bucket Challenge

My Brother’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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