Don’t you hate it when you just can’t get to sleep?

Can’t Sleep

At the time of writing this blog post it’s 2:00am and I cannot sleep, I’ve tried sleeping for the last 90 minutes and it’s just not working so I’ve got out of bed and decided to have some nighttime tea to try and aid my sleep, whilst I’m waiting for the tea to get to a drinkable temperature I thought I’d write a little blog post to help time pass.

I’m currently sat in our living room with the lights on the lowest possible setting, I’ve put some relaxing classical playlist from Spotify on and I’m just trying to switch my brain into shutdown mode, I felt restless and fidgety and too hot and I was just getting annoyed that I couldn’t sleep so I took a break so that I can go back and attempt to sleep again once my tea is done with.

It’s still piping hot, too hot for sipping, I don’t want to scald my mouth, I use it far too much for it to be taken out of action…LOL

What are some of the things you guys try to help you sleep? Maybe your remedies will come in handy in the future.

It’s probably not one of the best ideas to write a blog at 2am to relax but I always find that a creative outlet allows me to vent out things and switch parts of my brain to standby, so in a way I hoping that typing out my stream of consciousness will aid me in some way.

This weekend has been pretty nice, on Saturday evening we went out and watched the Eurovision Song Contest with friends – Gays, Bears, Eurovision, Alcohol and Fried Chicken, it was a great night!

Sunday, which is now officially yesterday, although I’ve been awake, was fairly relaxed, I made food throughout the day and we watched one of the many Marvel movies and then a whole bunch of episodes of Scorpion.

I’m off tomorrow, again, officially today, and depending on how much sleep I’ve got, I might try and do something with the day, maybe see if someone wants to go for coffee, or perhaps I’ll record a new YouTube video or something, who knows?! If I don’t manage to get a decent sleep in then I’m likely to stay in bed all day!

Drinking the tea now so this blog will likely wrap up shortly, I don’t even know who actually reads my blog, I doubt many people do, not that it’s something that bothers me but it’s more a morbid curiosity to figure out who reads the stuff I put out into the world.

I feel like my body temperature has dropped a fair bit since I came downstairs, this will help me sleep, I never like being too warm in bed and I give off heat like a radiator, ask anyone that I’ve slept with and they’ll vouch for me on that!

Right, time to wrap this one up – thanks for reading!

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  1. Carl says:

    Counting backwards always helps me! Sleeping on a sofa too

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