I was going to try to post a blog post daily and obviously that’s not happened but I still want to post as regularly as I can going forward so allow me to recap on the last week or so.

I had an internal interview last week and although I didn’t get the position, I was told I interviewed well and that my current route of furthering my career via a scheme I’m enrolled in would be good as it would garner me the abilities and experience that I would be able to bring to the role, I’m not disheartened, far from it, to hear and know that people believe in me is a massive confidence boost!

I’ve played a lot of Command & Conquer, after playing a bit of Zero Hour whilst over Jos’ the other day, I installed it onto my ancient PC (I bought it in 2007 and it’s never been upgraded) and it worked fine, its such a good game!

Jos and I went to London on Friday to BeefMince (awesome monthly club night for bears) and then spent Saturday in London itself, we met up with Jos’ friend and went for sushi and then had the most amazing and cleverly sculpted ice cream!

We found the weirdest thing in the hotel room, a tooth in a bag…

Sunday was very much a chilled, do very little day, those are always nice!

A few photos from the last few days to follow…

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