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Big Gay Festive Twerking

I Was A Weird Child



Totally Topical



Superman Strips

Decided today that I would wear a Superman onesie whilst making this video, for some reason I though I would attempt stripping throughout the video…

Vlogmas Confessions

My thoughts on Tom Daley and a confession of my very own!

Merry Vlogmas

So this year I’ve decided to share my December with you!

First Gay Tag

Danny Short made a tag video and I decided to do it too!

Manly Beard Vlog

Lady GaGa – ARTPOP

I’m not a monster but I do like Lady GaGa

Zizzi, Hitchin

Me and Elstro decided to take a trip to Hitchin today and whilst we were there we decided to stop for lunch at Zizzi.

Cubs are Cool

You know what? I love being a cub – fuck society thinking that skinny is desirable – I’m a big guy (in many ways) and I love the…

Mini Vlog


Society #LowBudgetMusicVideo

World Mental Health Day

A lot of people think that taking about mental health and mental health problems is a taboo thing, some people judge other people that have or have had…

7 Years Ago | #RetroWeek

Straightboi | #RetroWeek

Old School #YouTubeLoFiWeek


Good Things Come In 3’s

It’s been a while since I last made a simple blog and I just felt the need to do one today – it’s not going to be a…

iOS 7 – it’s here!