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Creative Thought Process

I’m considering doing some kind of monthly or weekly project in 2015, I’ve done Project 365 before so it won’t be that but I want to make sure…

Through The Years

It’s therapeutic to take stock of your life and look back and reflect on who you used to be and who you are now, above shows the evolution…

Hair, Pokemon & YODEL

Being proud of my hair, my favourite Pokemon and talking about deliveries from YODEL

Last Minute Xmas Shopping

Last minute online Christmas shopping stress!

The Things I Do

Some people will get this video and some people will not!


Ever been so close to something and not getting it? No, I’m not talking orgasms!


Although I called it an Ug-Elfie, I think Ugl-Fie sounds better! 🙂


I never used to use it but nowadays I seem to be, Instagram – the world of filters!

The Christmas Tag

It’s been ages since I’ve recorded a tag video and I decided now was a great time to do this particular one!

From AM to PM

Recorded in the morning before work and after work!

Achy Breaky Me

I feel like POO, hence why I’ve made this a short video!

Pokémon Pondering

Do you play Pokémon?

It’s Getting Colder

As Christmas gets closer, the weather gets colder!

You Ask, I Answer [Q & A]

I’ve been teasing it for ages and now it’s finally here, all your questions answered!!

Know Where Your Meat Comes From

What started of as a normal vlog, ended in me talking about meat, vegetarian things and Veganary.

Only 16 Days Til Christmas!

Crunchy Bike

All Over The Place

I Hate Vertical Videos

Tipsy Toby

Positivity and Horror Films

Feeling good about oneself and watching horror movies!

Vlogger’s Arm

Do you suffer from this, or is it just me?! LOL

I can’t stand the rain

Talking about photos and cycling….thrilling!