Cereal Killers and Meaty Morsels

We’d decided that we were going to go to the Cereal Killer Cafe for breakfast this morning, you might of heard of it, but for those that haven’t it’s a cafe that serves cereal in a completely awesome and clever way, creating what can only be described as cocktails, for example they take a selection of different cereals and combine them into something new.

I went for one called Mint Chocolate Chipster which was Chocapic, Weetos, Mint Aero Bubbles and Mint Milk, the decor of the place is outstanding, it was like walking into the late eighties / early nineties, there were old TVs playing Thundercats, Care Bears and Cow and Chicken, there were posters of Blur and other nineties bands on the wall and the music playing was all of the same era – the cereal was so nice, I’m a big fan of mint choc chip ice cream and having it in the form of a breakfast cereal was brilliant, the staff were really friendly too even though it was quite busy when we arrived.

After having breakfast we walked further down Brick Lane and Tom wanted to take a look in a vintage clothes shop, as soon as we walked in I could smell incense sticks, I’m guessing it was to cover the whiff of old clothes, we had a look downstairs at some of the stuff they had there, most of it was rubbish, i get that it’s vintage but some of it really was tat!

Tom saw a shirt he liked the look of but then realised it was a blouse so he put it back on the rail, we also spotted a pair of one size, shiny neon blue trousers, they looked like they’d dropped out of the 80s, well considering that we were in a vintage store it’s likely that they actually were. I didn’t buy them, although they were one size, I don’t think that meant gargantuan arse / tree trunk thigh size – plus blue is not my colour….I jest, I wouldn’t have bought them if they were the last trousers on earth, I really regret not taking a photo of them now though.

After that we carried on walking down the road passing lots of little Indian shops on the way, some selling lots of rather nice looking Indian baked goods, we didn’t stop though as we’d just eaten, we eventually ended up at Aldgate East and from here we travelled to Borough Market!

Ah Borough Market! Outstanding place, lots of fancy stalls and food places, the downside to this place is that it gets very busy, we had to fight through the crowds of people whilst we looked around, the first place we stopped at was a stall selling liquorice things, now I despise liquorice, it’s cack, but Tom loves the stuff and bought a selection of things.

A few minutes later a man thrust a sausage in our direction, nothing untoward, he was manning a charcuterie stall and wanted us to try some, we did and about 20 seconds later I’d slipped 2 sausages into my man bag, oooo matron!

Onwards we pushed on through the crowds, and some man decided that he would stop directly in front of me to take a photo of his girlfriend walking away and looking back at the camera as she walked towards a cheese stall, I laughed inside when I saw this but my face probably read as “move out of the way!”.

Next place we visited was a truffle/mushroom stall and I bought some dried mushrooms to cook with later in the week, think it will go well with my sausage…I’m so immature but I keep finding the word sausage funny, I might be 30 but I can find innuendo in most situations but I shall try as stave off doing so for a while otherwise I might have to rename my blog “Carry On Up The Toby”…erm…yeah!

We then saw a stall selling Croatian things, they were selling this hazelnut spread made with olive oil which they said was better than Nutella, it was good, so I ended up buying some of that too.

Next place we ended up in was a stall called Spice Garden, they had lots of spices, and some other ingredients that you don’t usually see, one of them was called kokum (dried mangosteen) which turns things purple as well as giving it a sour tang twist.

We then decided that it was time to eat and we’d planned to go to a place called Bodean’s BBQ, a friend of mine at work recommended going there and so we did, the food was delicious, delicious and messy, the table comes complete with condiments, kitchen roll and lemon wipes to clean up and after the starter I realised why!

Our starter was a sharing plate of ribs, wings and quesadillas

I ended up with my fingers covered in bourbon bbq sauce and somehow I even managed to get some down my arms, it obviously takes skill to do that.

The main meal was Bodean’s famous burnt ends, which are slow smoked chunks of beef brisket, we both had this served with pulled pork, coleslaw and fries.

We were stuffed after eating this so didn’t have room for a dessert, there aren’t many places in which I can publicly stuff myself with meat, so I did so with vigour although it did mean I had to roll myself around London like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka for the rest of the afternoon.

We made our way back to Canary Wharf via the DLR, which is a driverless train, strange but actually quite pleasant to travel on.

Once in Canary Wharf we made our way to the mall (it’s a shopping centre, but everywhere is now a mall apparently) and from here we made our way to get a few bits from Waitrose (tea bags and milk) and then headed back to the hotel.

We decided whilst walking back to the hotel that rather than eating out again that evening, we would order room service so we could chill out and relax.

Once back at the hotel we had lots of tea, we’re British, tea is a way of life!

Other stuff happened in between this time but for the protection of all, that will not be revealed here…or anywhere for that matter, I’m not about to cause mental images that will haunt you for the rest of your lives LOL

Eventually we decided that we’d worked up an appetite and it was time to order room service, we both plumped for a steak, it was so bloody juicy and yum, when a steak is good it’s good and this steak was GOOD, the fries and accompanying onion rings and grilled tomato and mushrooms were standard freezer fodder though, but the steak made up for it.

We also ordered some champers too have with the meal too and when opening the bottle I managed to completely soak my foot as the bottle ejaculated foam everywhere!

A few glasses later we retired to bed as we’d need to be up early to have breakfast and checkout.

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