I feel uncertain and unsettled like there are shards of illusions piercing my skin, contusions caused by confusions, my patience wearing thin, I’m searching for refreshment but this bout of doubt births a drought to stop me from quenching my thirst first.

I look to the places I go to but they lie broken and burnt to the ground, I try to ask others what happened but my mouth cannot emit any sound because I’m bound and gagged and being dragged back to the start harder than I can handle.

I wake up cold and exposed to the elements, my ears catch the ticking of a clock, the rhythmic patterns flow as I fall back on to the tracks of the thoughts I’ve been trying to block.

As I taste the iron tang upon my tongue, I think of the things I could have done, now it’s hard to even breathe as my chest and my heart begin to heave.

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  1. Chrissie Holland 15th September 2017

    Your poetry is fantastic

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