I thought that would be a great way to start today’s blog – there are so many selfish people out there right now, those people hooking up during lockdowns or ignoring tier restrictions for mediocre dick – it’s certainly reduced the amount of people I used to have in my life, the funny thing is…actually no, there’s nothing funny about their behavior – it’s irresponsible and unforgivable.

I can’t understand why these people have little to no morals and blatant disregard for other human lives and it makes me so cross!

Some of them try to do it under the radar, hoping that people won’t find out – but NEWSFLASH – we know, we know and we think you’re trash!

What’s worse is that there are people literally posting their whole “wHaT pAnDeMiC?” lives all over the internet…

Feel free to spam my comments section or any of my socials if you’re as angry as I am with these fools!

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