Cubs are Cool

You know what? I love being a cub – fuck society thinking that skinny is desirable – I’m a big guy (in many ways) and I love the fact that I can be who I want, of course you get the shallow minded idiots that think “yuk” but there are many people out there that think the complete opposite, cubs are cute, cubs are sexy, cubs are me, cubs are you. Bears are equally as lovely too!

I set up a new tumblr dedicated to cubs/bears ( because it’s something that should be celebrated, love who you are and not what you think people think you should be!

Share this post if you are proud of your body 🙂 and if you would follow my new tumblr too that would be awesome – there are NSFW photos on it, sharing cute cubs and beautiful bears!

One day I may even garner the nerves to show more skin, perhaps a professional photo shoot, I’m not ashamed of who I am 🙂

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