I used to follow you on Twitter,
and then you sent a nasty tweet.

I never knew you were so bitter,
you’re like an iPod on repeat.

You say these things to get a retweet,
you think you’re getting all the fame.

You think you’re so damn controversial,
but you are really rather lame.

I had to do myself a favour,
to hit the button marked with block.

Because I do not want to see,
horrific photos of your cock.

You think that people think you’re pretty,
you’re so delusion it’s sad.

400 photos of your arsehole,
you come across completely mad.

You beg for follows, faves and mentions,
eager to be a cyberslut.

Tweeting your wish list an obsession,
uploading videos of your butt.

Is this the life you lead now?
Have you become a cyberprat?

Do you understand now?

Your personality is flat.


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