A Day At The Beach

Yesterday my boyfriend Tom and I decided to go back to the coast and spend the day at the beach, we woke up nice and early at 5am to leave for 6:30am so to avoid the traffic, which we did!

We got to Southwold just before 9 o’clock and made our way to the beach which was pretty much deserted, there aren’t really any photos of the beach/sea because I decided to leave all of my technology in the car so I didn’t have to worry about things being damaged or stolen.

The water at Southwold was rather ferocious when we turned up as it was a high tide so we didn’t get fully immersed in the water, we stopped to grab an Ice Cream (Mr Whippy with a flake) and then headed back to the car and set the Sat Nav to Walberswick.

About 10 minutes later we arrived at Walberswick and paid £3 for all-day parking (great value), grabbed our towels and made our way to the beach, the beach here is really nice, fairly stony but once you are in the sea its sand under foot 🙂

We laid our towels down and secured a spot on the beach and then headed directly for the water, at first contact the water seemed cold but within seconds we adjusted and headed out into deeper waters, it was so relaxing!

I decided to keep my t-shirt I was wearing on throughout my time in the sea and on the beach as to avoid a mass stampede of admirers trying to get some of my sexy body….of course, this dear readers is what is known as sarcasm, I wore a t-shirt throughout because I have ginger genetics and also I look like the stunt double of Willy from Free Willy!

At some point during our time in the sea, Tom and I started play-fighting in the water, he could actually lift me up (I’m not light!), at one point during this sea-wrestling I lost my promise ring that Tom had bought me for my birthday 🙁 I was proper sad about it as it meant a lot to me and I hadn’t taken it off since I got it and now it was lost to the sea, like Rose DeWitt-Bukater’s Heart Of The Ocean – but Tom, bless him promised he’d replace it as soon as he could!

After about 2-3 hours of being in the sea we decided that we should make our way to a place we’d seen on the way to the beach called The Anchor.

Before we were to make our way there we needed to dry off and get changed, the only problem with doing this was that there was no place to do so in private so it was going to have to all be done in the car park which was full of people and a couple of lads had chosen to eat their ice creams next to their car…which was next to ours…it was almost like they’d come to watch a show and bought an ice cream with them!

I managed to fashion a makeshift screen using our towels and the car door as I sat on the passenger seat of Tom’s Vauxhall Nova and unpeeled my soggy shorts, stupidly I’d forgotten to cover the windscreen and I caught the gaze of a group of pensioners – thankfully they weren’t at a height so were spared the visuals and the danger of blindness caused by trauma of a soggy cub!

I managed to sort myself out (not in that way) and get dressed and dried and then we headed for The Anchor.

We ordered our food which was all locally sourced and cooked from fresh – I had a ham hock terrine and Tom plumped for the charcuterie and then we both had Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas for main, washed down with an ice-cold Coke.

There was an ADORABLE English Sheepdog called Dougal in the pub too, he was so cute and playful 🙂

After we’d had our lunch we made our way to the car, programmed the Sat Nav and headed home, we stopped off at Tesco on the way home to get some Mivvi lollies and some after sun lotion as we felt a little burnt, we didn’t realise just HOW burnt until we got home and looked in the mirror.

A lovely day all round but now I’ll need to immerse my amorphous mass into a vat of Aloe Vera until I’m not lobsteresque!

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