Do I Have A Type?

You find it with the majority of people online who when either looking for a partner or a hookup, they’ll be fairly rigid with what type of person they are looking for, some people look for the toned physique of another, some like people who have been to certain universities, some even like their potential person to have certain colour hair – I guess these ideals have been created over time and that’s what they search for? I don’t know!

It got me thinking, do I have a type?

I cast my mind back over the people I’d slept with in the past, ex-boyfriends and such to see if there was something that linked them, something that might be considered a type, but I really couldn’t find anything that linked them, with that in mind I again tried to see if there was a pattern of the type of guy that I have / might hook up with and again they all seem to differ!

Before writing this blog I could easily have said cubs and bears, I seriously do have a soft (and hard!) spot for such embodiment of man – but I’m certainly not saying they’re the only guys I’m attracted to but they are fucking gorgeous most of the time!

Maybe cubs/bears are just my preference, but would that make them my type? When I say type I often think of that as a strict preference, for example if someone says “I like muscle type guys” then I automatically assume that that’s all they go for.

The reason I thought I’d talk about types is because I get asked what type of guys I go for a lot on Grindr/Growlr/Scruff and when I’ve said I don’t really have a type, some people have found it odd that I say I don’t, am I alone in this, I can find all types of guys attractive, from slim to chunky, younger than me and older than me, smooth to hairy – you get the picture!

I guess it all comes down to each individual person, I could get chatting to someone cubby and they could turn out to be a complete and utter arsehole!

I’ll never rule someone out of a potential hookup because they weren’t a cub/bear type, I’ve chatted to and met some guys who are toned and smooth and some that aren’t, the majority of the time they were able to hold a decent conversation and we clicked in terms of what we were both looking for!

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2 thoughts on “Do I Have A Type?

  1. Ian says:

    I find I don’t have a set type for what I find attractive. However I do have some boundaries for what falls into attractive, not always physical characteristics.
    Extremes (and I mean extreme, not just a bit more than average) in weight. If someone is unhealthily skinny, or so large they can’t walk then that’s off putting. Whereas extremes in height, strangely enough, is more of a bonus.
    but as for boundaries, men that take no pride in their appearance, if you have access to a bath/shower, and clean clothes, then use them. Or men that take too much pride in it. Any man wearing more make up than an easyjet steward can keep on flying past.
    Depressing people that spend all of their awake hours telling people how bad their life is, is kind of a turn off. While confidence is very attractive, it’s a fine line before it becomes arrogance and they turn into a definite no.
    Otherwise, anyone in between those have a chance of being my type.
    Also, a nice smile always wins 😉

    • TDYLN says:

      Yeah, I’m with you on the extremes thing!

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