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A lot of people when venturing on a new diet or healthy routine decide to share it with the world on social media, maybe there’s an accountability aspect to doing so because if you talk about it all of the time then maybe that creates feelings of guilt of food-shame?

Food Shame – Those words fill me with equal anger, sadness and disgust – food isn’t something that should be seen as shameful but there are so many people prattling on about “NO CARBS” and “NO SUGAR” and “FAT FREE” and some of these people berate people for not following their own silly ways.

Now, what is this blog post actually about?

A few things really, I want to start off by saying that regardless of who you are and what you look like, you should love who you are!

I love my body and all of it’s uniqueness, the curves and the scars.

I spent FAR too many years thinking that I wasn’t worthy and that I needed to become someone else, someone that looked the part – and for a while I did that.

When I left school after the years of bullying I’d received I wanted to change how I looked because the majority of the verbal abuse was weight-orientated – FAT this, FAT that, FAT the other – so I took control and drastically changed what I ate, to the extreme, I restricted a lot of the things I ate and I used to walk in excess of 6 hours every single day, I had a problem (re: eating disorder) and I knew I did but I was finally feeling like I would be accepted now – that wasn’t the case because even though I now looked like I was like everyone else, no-one really cared, no-one cared that I looked like them because they were too self-involved and shallow to care.

Flash-forward to now though and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m also the most accepted I’ve ever been, I don’t hide the fact that I’m a larger guy and the most important thing?


But the blog post doesn’t end here, dear reader, I have more to say!

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to lose a bit of weight, not for any vanity reasons but because I want to be more healthy and I want to be able to be more active and so me and Tom decided to eat better, no drastic restricted diet plans, just sensible eating and sensible portion sizes, in fact we probably eat more now that we used to but we now make the right choices when we eat – and in those few weeks I’ve lost a decent amount of weight, I don’t feel the need to share how much I’ve lost because I’m not doing this for anyone but me and I also don’t want this blog post to sound like I’m fishing for compliments and “likes”.

I am keeping track of my weight via photos and data and such and may share them once I’ve reached a certain weigh but then again I might not, I know I share my whole life via blogs, podcasts and videos but my weight is a small part of who I am although it’s also a BIG part of who I am.

I think actually being a bigger guy has helped me be more confident and secure about myself, more so than ever being “skinny” did, also when I was skinny I had NO arse, today I possess one hell of a badonkadonk!

If you are genuinely curious about how much I’ve lost then you can ask me by the way, I’m open to telling people but I don’t want to be one of those people that makes it their life and constantly posts updates on how much they’ve lost – not that those people are bad people, positive affirmation is a proven tool to help some people achieve their goals whether it’s weight or something completely different.

I think I’ll share a bunch of photos of food we’ve made recently now…

The sensible way of eating food also allows us to treat ourselves once in a while, so today we went into the city centre (originally to take photos but it pissed down with rain) and ended up trying a brand new place out called Butch Annie’s, I’ll be posting up a review within a day or two so watch this space!

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