The last few days I’ve been having really weird dreams, today’s was the weirdest one yet!

I was using a toilet on a plane which then the toilet dropped through the floor and I end up sitting on the toilet in the middle of London, I then get snapped by the paparazzi and then try to save someone from dying in the Thames which is full of REAL but inflatable GIANT crocodiles with cartoon faces!

I then have an argument with a teacher I used to have in infant school and she gets so angry that she turns into an anger zombie and starts trying to attack me!

The night before that I was working in a factory that made artificial brains and I’d been accused of hacking them to try and take over the world and I was fined 50p but I couldn’t find this 50p anywhere so I got sent to jail but the jail was made of gingerbread a la Hansel and Gretel but I refused to eat my way out because I had the gym to attend 😂

Bloody hell, I’m going to start keeping a log of my dreams I think lol

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