I thought I’d use the time I have spare whilst travelling to London to blog a little 😊

Early Start

I thought I’d use the time I have spare whilst travelling to London to blog a little 😊

I got the 5:56am train this morning. I wasn’t actually planning to get that train, I was going to get a later, but 45 minute faster direct train but as I cycled towards the bike park at the station I spotted that my planned train had been cancelled and the only train that was going to get me to London on time was the one leaving in 3 minutes time. I did a mad dash to lock my bike up, ran down the stairs towards the station and sprinted to the platform the alternate train was at, I made it with 4 seconds to spare 😅

As a larger gentleman, sprinting is not something I usually do, I must’ve looked funny flailing to make it in time 😂

So I’m on the train right now, it’s stopping at every single available station on the line and taking ages, I’m due to get into London for around 7:20am, my original choice of train would’ve meant I got in at 7:05am and I would’ve had time to at least grab a coffee or a little breakfast, but no! 😫

Once I’m in London I’m going to get a cab to the place I need to be, I would’ve preferred to get an Uber but that’s no longer possible in London currently! 😒

I’m not mentioning where I’m actually going to because I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to say anything – confidentiality and such but I’ll ask once I’m there if I can talk about it – why not try and take a guess in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter, might be fun and would give me a giggle as I know some of you will be cheeky fuckers 😉

What I will say is that I’ve never ever done something like this before. I’m really excited but also kind of nervous but I know as soon as I’m there and everything has started I’ll be fine 😊

I’m going to be doing things for around 12 hours (8am – 8pm) and then my Lion is heading to London and we’re going to spend the evening and the whole of tomorrow together in London, really looking forward to spending some quality time with him 😍

The one thing I’m noticing is just how bloody cold it’s getting now. I think I need to get myself a nice warm hat and a scarf, my coat does the job in keeping my body warm but this morning I really felt the icy air around my neck and I did not like it at all ❄️

Gah, I’m so hungry right now, I could murder a bacon roll 🐷

Anyways, I’ll wrap this little stream of words up as the train is getting close to its final destination. 🚂

How’s your weekend looking?

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