The End Of A Holiday

I don’t think that there is a worse feeling than having to go back to work after a 2 week holiday.

Having to get back into the routine of work, the processes and procedures, and having to remain positive and upbeat when it’s the complete opposite of what you feel, that twinned with the fact that the weather is glorious and I’d have to spend 3 hours a day on buses to and from work, it’s certainly not appealing in the least!

This weekend has been really fun, I’ve been up in Buckingham with my boyfriend at his parents, who are the loveliest people in the world!

Tom and his dad have been going to a 3 day classic car event at Silverstone this weekend so me and Tom’s mum have used the weekend well by shopping!

On Friday we took a little trip to Buckingham and got a few bits at the supermarket and stopped off for an ice cream at the gelateria, I had a mint choc chip one, my favourite!

On Friday evening after the boys had returned from Silverstone we all sat in the garden and had a delicious dinner on the decking!

On Saturday, Glynis (Tom’s mum) and I went into Milton Keynes for a day of shopping, we started off by having a quick coffee at Carluccio’s once we’d arrived and then we wandered in and around loads of the shops that MK:ONE had to offer, we popped into TKMaxx and I saw a manbag I really liked but I couldn’t justify the cost of £34.99, I might be able to find it cheaper online!

We also popped into the Olde Sweet Shop and bought a couple of American sweets, I ended up buying cinnamon roll and peach cobbler flavoured chewing gum and birthday cake flavoured m&m’s 😀

We decided to have lunch at Jamie’s Italian, the food was really nice and the service friendly too. We both had crispy squid and for main I had fresh crab spaghettini.

Afterwards we carried on our shopping and whilst in a stationery store we embraced our childish sides and rearranged some of the erasers to spell out a certain word…haha!!

We also encountered a Dalek!

We visited a few more places and popped back into Carluccio’s so I could buy some interesting shaped pasta and then headed to John Lewis to have a coffee before making our way back home.

Throughout the time I’ve been here I’ve also been recovering from the horrific self-inflicted sunburn from Wednesdays trip to the seaside which is not sore anymore but I have been left with scaly and now extremely flaky skin!

The prospect of having to return to the monotony of retail after such a relaxing couple of weeks is utterly depressing, alas these things have to be!

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!

    How did this Birthday Cake M&M’s taste, by the way? 😮

    • TDYLN says:

      It was awesome 🙂 the birthday cake M&M’s were really nice! 😀

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