This is probably not going to be one of those blogs that I do that doesn’t interest anyone but I just want to get a few things out of my system because I feel them burning away inside of me and I don’t like that!

It’s amazing just how much you realise how certain things can cause incredible amounts of stress within a short space of time.

I start my day feeling positive, happy and relaxed and within 30 minutes I feel my stress levels rising and even after more than 24 hours later I am feeling enraged!

I am sick of many things and I’ve come to the conclusion that belittlement seems to be a trait which people think is a good thing – it’s really not – making somebody feel like they can’t do anything right or patronising them is a horrible thing to do and it’s on par with bullying and that is totally unacceptable.

But we seem to put up with it, we smile and pretend that it’s ok…

There is only so long that a fake smile can be held before the vexation bursts through it.

But usually the causes of these stress are outside of our governance and the only way to stem the stress flow is to adapt, make changes and keep our heads held high!

Do you have things that you do to control your stress?

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