First Class Friday

As I write this I’m currently sat in first class on a train to London for mine and Tom’s 6th anniversary, I’ve never traveled in first class before and I have to say I will probably do it again in the future because there was none of the rushing and getting stressed about being able to find a seat, none of the panic of having to sit facing the opposite direction to the direction the train is going, just a simple sit down and chill 🙂

We are staying at a hotel close to Canary Wharf, it’s meant to be rather nice, we are staying for two nights, Friday and Saturday and then on the Sunday we are returning home to drop our luggage off and then making our way to Buckingham to celebrate Tom’s dads 60th birthday!

I’m reading Karl Pilkington’s book and it kind of inspired me a little to write more personally so that’s what I’m doing.

We pulled into Kings Cross and left the train, and made our way toward the underground, Northern Line to London Bridge and then Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf.

The Northern Line wasn’t so bad, we luckily managed to get on and off without being too cramped, although there were some annoying girls right in front of where we were standing who decided to use the ceiling handrails as a gymnasium and start swinging from them.

We alighted at London Bridge and made our way to the Jubilee line to get to Canary Wharf.

It only took three stops and then we arrived at Canary Wharf and just in time as we were just hitting rush hour and streams of suited men and women, the kind you would usually see on The Apprentice, began cascading down the escalators.

Leaving the station you realise just how business Canary Wharf is, you can almost smell the money in the air, expensive cars, suits and buildings EVERYWHERE.

It took a few seconds to get our bearings and figure out where we needed to go, good old Google Maps!

We had to take a footbridge over the docklands/river and there was a women in front of us pulling luggage, a normal thing, but the noise it was making against the metal of the footbridge was so bloody annoying, I wanted to throw her luggage in the water but as I was thinking of doing this we got to the end of the footbridge and the infernal din ceased.

We followed the route through a car park randomly and then reached our destination, Britannia Hotel, upon arrival we were greeted almost instantly and checked in, the staff were so friendly and smiley.

We made our way to our room, and what was the first thing we did? Tea, although the cups were small and the little containers of milk only meant that we could have one cup of tea. *sad times*

We settled in, chilled out and spent a couple of hours talking and bitching about things and then around 9 o’clock we went for dinner to the Indian restaurant inside the hotel.

As we were being shown to our seats, someone’s order was coming out, spicy and smoky which caused everyone but me in the restaurant to cough.

For starter I had onion bhajis and we had some poppadoms to share, the bhajis were really tasty, light and crispy.

For my main I went for a lamb moglai, which when I first read it I immediately thought of Gizmo the adorable mogwai and then Mowgli from the jungle book…I do wonder how my mind work sometimes – it was really tasty, the lamb was ridiculously tender and melted in my mouth.

Dessert was a mandarin cheesecake, sounded really nice but when it arrived it was very obviously a bought-in one as it tasted and looked like something you’d find in the chiller cabinet at Iceland. I didn’t take a photo of it.

After dinner we made our way back to our room to sleep.

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