Frankie and Benny’s, Cambridge

Firstly, we weren’t asked if we wanted to sit outside – regardless of where we wanted to sit we should have been given the choice.

Secondly, even though there were loads of seats available in the restaurant (there were only two other tables being used) we were sat directly next to a table which contained a family of screaming children…we could’ve been offered or given a quieter table.

The dough ball starter that we chose turned up and they were overcooked and hard, not soft and chewy.

The main meal was very lacklustre – the 2 onion rings with my meal were slightly underdone, the chicken was tough and covered in the most vinegary BBQ sauce that I’ve had, the fries were cooked perfectly though, the saving grace.

The staff were friendly enough but each time someone came to our table it was a completely different person, which I found a little odd and the usual “how is the food” question that I get asked in pretty much every restaurant wasn’t asked…maybe because they knew by the look on our faces.

I left feeling pretty underwhelmed at the whole experience, I’ve eaten here a few times before and the food and service has been great – I’m hoping that if I decided to eat here again that this wouldn’t be repeated.

Score : 1 out of 5

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