Funny Head

If you follow me on any form if social media then you’ve probably seen updates from me in the last week in which I keep talking about my head.

It sounds weird when I say it like that!

Let me recap on where it all started, on Wednesday I was at my bus stop waiting for a bus home when I felt a popping sensation in the back of my head, followed by a wave of dizziness.

Since that I have been having weird pains and sensations in my head, Thursday evening I was at home and got a sudden stabbing pain in the back of my head followed by waves again, my whole body suddenly felt very hot and I felt kinda disorientated with it.

Friday I literally felt like I was dreaming, it’s the only way I can explain it – like I was watching myself doing what I was doing, but not like I was doing it! Weird right?! I also called the 111 service and spoke to someone about how I was feeling and they suggested that I see my GP in the next 72 hours, which I’ve only been able to do now due to working every day since then.

Most days I seem to be having sharp short pains in my head which usually make me feel out of sorts for a few minutes twinned with the dream like state too.

Yesterday when I was out with my friend Fiona I had a few pains within a short space of time and with those came the weirdest of things, I could smell something bitter, that only lasted a few minutes though.

All in all it’s not usual so I’m off to see my doctor at 11am today and hopefully they’ll be able to put my mind (and my head) at rest.

I’ll update this blog as I find out what’s up.

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