Gap Bridged?

So I tried to bridge that gap with a friend that I talked about in a previous blog, I sent them an email in which I tried to explain the best I could why I’d not been in touch but so far I’ve not had any response, to be perfectly honest I don’t know if they even use that email any longer so I don’t know if they’ve even read it – I think if I’ve not had a response in a week or so then I’ll send it over WhatsApp or something.

In a weird way even if they have read it and haven’t responded I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to respond, I left it over a year since there was any proper contact but I did try and explain that in the email I sent a perhaps they’ve moved on and if they have then I’m happy for them – sending that email was a little difficult to do but I needed to try and bridge the gap I created between us.

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