This morning I thought the first thing I’d do before I got out of bed and to get ready for work would be to write a blog, not entirely sure why or where I’m going with it but something made me feel like I should do.

I’m adorned by pillows and wrapped up nice and warm in my duvet and I have some time to just reflect on things in my life, I feel very lucky to have what I have at the moment, I’m in a very happy relationship, I’m now in a job that’s constantly challenging me and I’m learning a lot about new things and a lot about myself too in the process – being given projects and new responsibilities is a honour and I hope I’m doing the role justice!

I’m also working towards my fitness instructor qualification, I’ve passed the initial 4 written exams and now I just need to pass my practical on the 4th October and then I’ll be fully qualified, fingers crossed!

Potentially I might be moving house too, nothing has been confirmed as of yet but if things all go in the right direction then I’ll be super happy. I’m really not comfortable living where I’m living at the moment, I’m constantly on edge and unaware of who exactly is in the house when people invite “guests” over and recently there’s been a few moments that have really made me feel uncomfortable being here, I’m trying not to pin all my hopes on moving out because I don’t want to jinx it, if that option doesn’t fruit then I’m sure something else might do soon, I’ll try to keep you all updated though!

Right, I should get out of bed, get some breakfast, get showered and then get my arse to work!

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