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It’s probably 1:40pm, I say probably because I don’t know.

Why don’t I know?

I don’t have a watch, I check the time on my phone, so why don’t I have my phone?

Currently my phone is undergoing some minor surgery at the Apple Store, the front facing camera has been crescenting since December and OCD wouldn’t allow me to just leave it, I wanted it to look perfect!

I bought myself a notebook and am currently sat writing in it.

After dropping the phone into Apple, I paid a visit to TIGER and bought said notebook.

Anyway, that’s all pretty boring stuff!

I’m sat in EAT having lunch, nothing exciting, just a simple chicken wrap and some houmous crisps, no idea what they actually are or what they will taste like but I’m sure I will fill you in with such “mind-blowing” information fairly soon!

It’s nice to have a disconnection from my phone, albeit for a short period of time but just looking around me, everyone, including the O.A.P’s here, are on their phones – I’m the only one who isn’t.

I don’t usually handwrite things but it’s a nice thing to do, although my hand hurts if I do it for too long!

Probably only 10 minutes have passed since I started writing, I don’t know!

Ok, time to eat HOUMOUS CRISPS!


They weren’t that bad – spicy and crunch, chilli and lime flavour.

So today marks the first day of my holiday, yesterday as a treat for the guys at work I bought Pringles, Mini Eggs and Minstrels and embarrassingly I devoured a tube of the Mini Eggs on my lunch break, I then felt rubbish as I’d had way too much sugar!

This morning I woke up with a horrendous headache, probably some sort of sugar hangover, just like a standard alcohol related hangover, the though of consuming the thing (sugar) that made me feel shitty, is the absolute last thing on my mind.

When I was in TIGER earlier I bought a glass bowl thing as I thought it could be used for something at home, it only cost £2 so if it doesn’t get used then it’s no loss.

Glass Bowl

I’m trying to drag out my time sitting here, the longer I stay here, the less time I will have to burn before I pick up my phone.

Do any of you reading this name objects that you have?

I do, my iPhone is called Pluto and my iPad is Goliath LOL, my previous iPhone and iPad mini were known as Pixel and Megapixel, my desktop is called Gigapixel and the external hard drives are known as Terabyte and Petabyte, when I had a car I called it Nico but Tom bought it from me and renamed it 🙁 LOL

I have to say that not having a phone is strange, well not strange per se but I’m realising just how much of a distraction it can be, although having music to listen to would be nice whilst I write.

Later on when I get home I will type all of this up and put it up for you all to read, that’s very meta isn’t it? Is it? I don’t know, I feel that in this paragraph I’m talking to myself!

I wish there was a clock up here, then at least I’d know how long I had left, I could have seen the one on the Lloyd’s building but there are people sat there and I don’t think they’d appreciate my amorphous frame wobbling over towards them, so I will sit here for a bit longer writing.

Shall I write a poem? Yes? Ok!

View said poem here by clicking here

Was that ok? I might publish it separately!

It’s suddenly got rather empty up here, I think the lunch hour has passed, might pop and get a coffee and walk around town, the only downside with doing that is my jeans are falling down, I forgot to put a belt on when I left the house and because I’ve been losing a bit of weight, I’m now in danger of showing the tourists, professors, tramps and students of this city, something that isn’t on any map or tour guide…


…at least I’m wearing decent underwear (I only wear decent underwear), black aussieBum, I suspect the only thing stopping a full trouser drop is my package!

Yeah it’s time to find coffee!

So I was in EAT for about 50 minutes!

I’m now sat in a relatively new (to Cambridge) coffee place called Jamaica Blue, it’s lovely and I was surprised to discover that it’s all table service too!

I’m having a cappuccino and it’s so good, proper coffee!

I’ve just counted that so far I’ve written 9 pages! This is the most I’ve handwritten in yonks!

Madonna fell down the stairs at the Brit Awards last night and of course the people of Twitter and Facebook though it was hilarious, I’m pretty sure that if it was a family member or friend of theirs falling down the stairs then they wouldn’t be laughing!

I just checked out the menu of this place, it looks really good, think I’ll bring Tom here soon 🙂

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