It’s nice to be able to infect others with unsuspected joviality

Happy Monday

Mondays have a knack of being that day, signalling the end of a weekend and the start of another full week of work (for most) and that can sometimes be a little harsh.

But after a really nice weekend with our friend which was full of closness, cuddles, great food and Robin Williams movies I find myself working an early shift (6am start) on a Monday and rather unsurprisingly, due to the contributing factors of the weekend, I’m in a really positive mood which for a Monday is pretty good going.

I’m also making sure that I try to share this positivity and try to bring a little light and happiness to other people’s day too, which is not always successful but it’s nice to be able to infect others with unsuspected joviality and when that gets reflected back, it’s like a fervent feedback-loop and there’s something genuinely comforting about that.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been finding myself getting more and more frustrated with certain work related things and today made a nice and refreshing change to go in with a clear head and a spring in my step, I’d even overslept this morning, my alarms had been set for 5:00am but had zero effect in waking me up and I ended up waking at the exact time my shift was meant to start, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised that I’d not been roused as both Lion and I ended up zonking out around 2am!

Now usually something like that would massively effect my mood for the best part of the day but I took a minute to communicate things, had a quick but much needed shower and then made my way in.

I felt more productive, responsive and this was even without breakfast or coffee, I couldn’t even procure one once at work due to the work vending machine being out of order yet again!

Once getting home after my shift I had some much needed chill time, some food and then waited for my Lion to get home, being on early shifts means I get to see him and spend more time with him so I really appreciate being able to do that.

Let’s hope this positive energy carries through the week, with my interview on Wednesday I’m really hoping for a good outcome, of course it won’t be the end of the world if things don’t turn out the way I’d prefer but it would be an extra boost of gaiety to an already enjoyable week!

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