Hobbling to Hospital

So because I’ve not really seen an improvement in my ankle I thought it was best to seek the advice of my doctor, even though the prospect of having to get an appointment was soul-destroying.

I called them around 8:30am and not surprisingly they’d ran out of appointments but said they would get the doctor to call me that morning. The doctor called around 9-ish and asked a few questions and then suggested I go to A&E to get it x-rayed.

My gorgeous friend Sophie offered to take me and keep my company whilst I was there (Sophie is such an amazing person!) I was in the hospital in total for just under 2 hours. I was seen fairly quickly and had some x-rays taken, thankfully there was no broken bones but I was told that I had badly sprained the ankle and that I’d need to rest, elevate and take painkillers.

I spoke to my work in regards to what the hospital said as soon as I knew and told them I wouldn’t be working the next couple of days so that I could rest, I was told that this was OK but then I got a call saying that staff levels were low and that they’d try to sort something out so that I could rest my leg and work, I’m going in tomorrow morning to see if what they’ve come up with is going to work, personally because of the layout and placement of things I don’t think it’s going to be doable but I’m going to go in to see if it is, the way I see it is that I’m going to be facing almost 90 degrees away from my screen and other things and this isn’t going to work but I’ll go in to check just to be sure.

The doctor said that most sprains recover within 2-3 weeks so I’m hoping for a quick recovery time, I’m not looking forward to having to get my bike fixed though, more money to spend!

I’m getting used to this daily blogging malarkey so I might carry it on, we’ll see!

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