I hate virgin.net.
I hate valuehost
I hate old people that walk slow.
I hate people who think they’re the funniest person when they’re really NOT!!
I hate the fact the guy I have fallen for is back with his ex because his ex has nowhere to stay….WHATEVER!!
I hate Argos and Elizabeth PUKE chav-like jewellery.
I hate chavs.
I hate the queen for not waving when I saw her in Cambridge yesterday.
I hate celeb love island.
I hate the fact I was almost ran over by a cyclist and then realised it was a the ex mp of Cambridge who I also hate for her stupid ever-changing stances.
I hate Trisha on channel 5.
I hate not having a job at the moment not true want of trying and trying!!
I hate football.
I hate beer.
I hate red wine…………………………..




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