I’ve noticed that I’m listening to iamamiwhoami a lot again recently.


That’s got to be the best title for a blog I’ve ever came up with –  iamobsessedamiobsessedami

I’ve noticed that I’m listening to iamamiwhoami a lot again recently, since 2010 I’ve been slightly obsessed with the stuff they’ve created, for me “kin” is just a beautiful collection of words, music and video.

If you have a spare hour, watch the above playlist, that is kin, it’s just so good!

I’m writing this blog earlier in the day that I usually do because I’m going to do a load of laundry and then try to knock out some poetic ideas I’ve had floating around in my head for a while, listening to iamamiwhoami always has this effect on me I swear!

Their lyrics are beautiful, I’ll share some now…

I make a good and steady friend
A companion through life
But who am I, when all I am
Is your designated wife?

Good Worker

Whatever made you into clump like you
The icing cold that leaks out through cracks of you
Makes us as new.


From a lower point of view
Comes the underlying truth
Keeping yourself unaware
Comforting we know you care
Locking out your inner man
Recognising time is plans
Ready for some further use
Denial is a virtue

Good Worker

Come on, just kill this
Demands and notions
All this commotion is not worth it
Come on, just give this
A second coming
An age is dawning with all smiles and laughter


Making every day renew
Mostly just thinking of you
Most heartily with gratitude
But your methods all were tried and true
A world of trouble inside of me grow
I feel it move, I feel it flow
My story writes itself untrue
It won’t be long, I’ll see you soon


Their music touches and inspires me everytime I listen to them, this was very much a fanboy blog post but I want everyone to be able to discover them!

♥ = quote ♠ = song ♦ = video

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