This weekend has been weirdly empty.


This weekend has been weirdly empty, I’ve done very little today but I did purchase a few things on Amazon.

I bought

I needed the SD card reader to get the files from my video camera because usually I just plug it into the computer but the battery died and I don’t have the charger at the moment, once I did that I edited it into my latest Q&A video (see below, it might not be available until 9am tomorrow btw) – I love making them, should you want to ask a question for the next one, you can go HERE to do so!

Although I’ve done very little, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the weekend, I’ve organised a few things, played Command & Conquer 2 (THANK YOU LION!) and written a bit of poetry, edited a video and planned a few future videos too.

I’m back to work tomorrow, my first set of late shifts since I returned, I don’t like late shifts at the best of times so I really hope I’m not drained by them, we shall see!

Inaction may be safe, but it builds nothing.

♥ = quote ♠ = song ♦ = video

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