It’s 4:43am and I’m up way past my bed time, have just spent the last hour sorting out my URL list, sorting them out into categories, it makes everything look less cluttered, the Microsoft anti-spyware beta download is very helpful, and very simple to use, I used to use BulletProofSoft but I think I will stick to this Microsoft one, can’t wait until they officially release it 🙂

Today has been boring, tomorrow I need to go down to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps for the things I’ve sold on eBay, I didn’t raise much most of the items sold for 99p + £1.75 for postage, I think I sold 5 things, then minus about £3 in eBay listing costs and PayPal cost % I’m left with very little, but it’s a way to clear my room of the junk I seem to have that I never ever watch, maybe I need to price them higher next time, I hate selling on eBay but I won’t be doing much buying until I get a job.

I’ve got BBC News 24 on at the moment…oh the fun!! It’s still dark outside, though it won’t be long until morning breaks and the roads start to flow with car, buses and bicycles…if I fall asleep I know it won’t wake me.

Am now syndicating my blog via RSS/XML or whatever is called, so if you have a RSS reader add me 🙂 that way you’ll always be updated on the things that happen in my crazy little word.

I hate Argos, HATE IT!!! It was a shit company to work for, I worked at the Cambridge branch for over 4 years, I witnessed it all, the backstabbing, the gossip, the bitching, the plots, the affairs.

So yes, at this moment in time I’m unemployed, but for how long? only time will tell.


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