iPhone Launch Day? Not Today!

So my email said to go to the Vodafone store on Friday to pick up my new phone…yeah, they don’t have it – WTF?!

What’s the point of a preorder for launch day to then be told after you make arrangements to be there first thing that it’s not there? They can’t be bothered to even inform me so I didn’t waste time and money 😤

So pissed off, you have no idea how to treat a long term customer who chose you even though you cost more!

How can you get an iPhone launch day so wrong?!

And it’s lovely that the store opened early so could be met with balloons and banners, but it helps if you have my phone?!

I wouldn’t have minded a potential delay if they had told me before hand, but they didn’t/haven’t and for a communications company, they lack in just that – I’m told it might be in today, might…

I’m unsure what to do now, sit in town and wait on the possibility of it turning up or go home and fire off a huge complaint.

I’ve just seen a delivery driver but that’s like seeing a pigeon in the market square, highly likely to not be my phone.

I changed my week to fit today in and they’ve seriously let me down

When someone chooses the top end, top costing phone, you think they’d make sure it’s actually there? Right?

I’m going to hang around for the next hour I think, then I’m heading home – in full on compliant making rage mode right now.

So after a 45 minute phone call, it turns out that they haven’t actually received any stock of the one I chose (iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black), they’ve not kept me in the loop at all, no emails to tell me there would be a delay – I now have a potential wait of 2-3 weeks….

However after a calm (I’m never a nasty shouty type) chat with a delightful Scottish chap at customer services I’m now getting compensated £25 for each week I have to wait for it – I don’t mind the delay but I do hate the fact that I wasn’t informed about it, it also means I have to put up with my current phone which has the worst battery life ever!

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