It’s Time

I can’t believe that come July I shall be turning 30, I remember leaving school thinking that 2014 was so far away and that being 30 would be so old but that’s not the case at all!

I’m proud to be who I am, regardless of age – I can’t stand people that age-shame people just because they are younger.

We all get older, some people try really hard to fight against the natural ageing process by injecting themselves with Botox which I’m not going to pass judgement on because it’s not my place to but personally I would never have it done, I’ve got too much of an expressive face to freeze in with poison! LOL

Another thing that I’ve started seeing on Facebook and Twitter is selfie-shaming, I’m all for selfies, I’m a selfie taker and proud, I like recording how I look so that when I am old I can see how my face has changed, I’m not as bad as some people but I do regularly take photos of myself!

I’m writing this blog as I wait to leave my house and make my way to work, I’ve decided that I need to learn how to drive, if I truly want to be independent and potentially self-employed in the future then I HAVE to learn – I’m nervous about doing so but I’ve been putting it off for way too long now!

Yesterday, on my first day back to work after 11 days off, a customer brought me a huge box of Thornton’s chocolates – they didn’t need to, I hadn’t done anything to earn them but they did it because they appreciate what I’ve done for them in the past, that really touched me, such selfless acts of kindness are heartwarming.

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