With everything that’s going on in the world, you’d think that people might be less judgemental, yet I’m finding myself judging people for their stance on the whole EU referendum vote today.

I’m choosing to vote remain today, I’ve done my research and have made my decision but I keep seeing people saying “Vote Out” and I’m struggling not to bracket all of these people together as uninformed and xenophobic – not that they are, well, some of them probably are, but not all because that would be a sweeping generalisation but it’s so hard to see people thinking that coming out of something that has benefited us in so many ways as a good idea, most of the posts I’ve seen via Facebook have been people saying “foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs”. It just makes me despair for this country, being out of the EU would be incredibly damaging to the UK. The UK media know how to appeal to the uninformed, let us remember who controls the majority of media here, people who are full of greed and corrupted by power.

I’m moving away from the subject of politics because it’s too easy to rant about that, but I am going to move into another realm of the rant now.

Gay pride is this weekend in London and for the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to actually be in the parade which I am super excited about but the one thing that has disappointed me is the views that some gay people have of pride, they think its just going to be a river of slutty people, alcohol and drugs…even after the horrific event in Orlando, the showing of solidarity and support of the gay community and gay life, in general, has never been so important. I understand that gay pride might not be for everyone but throwing disgusting judgemental comments about pride events and the people that attend them is just pure ignorance.

Thirdly, which is something that I’ve had person experience with a fair bit is the judgement of open relationships.

I understand open relationships aren’t for everyone, which is fine, I’m not saying that everyone should be in one, I’m very open about talking about my open relationship but when people decide to judge them and me personally, that irks me immensely!

Writing off open relationships and people that have them as sex-obsessed, cheaters or not in love is wrong. I can say whole-heartedly that our love is real and bigger than you can possibly imagine.

I’ve blogged, vlogged and podcasted about open relationships before…

An open relationship is built on trust, communication, love and understanding. It doesn’t mean that just because I’m in an open relationship that I’m going to try to sleep with my friends or try and convert them into open relationships, I’m really not.

It also doesn’t mean that I’m trying to sleep with as many people as possible, that’s just ridiculous. I just wish people were less closed-minded about these kinds of conversations, a lot of people find it hard to talk openly about relationships (monogamous or open) and we as people shouldn’t ever feel like we can’t just talk about it.

Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

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