Kill The Grump

It’s interesting yet frustrating to know that the actions of one or two people can really get under your skin.

I try to live my life as a decent person, I’m flawed, as are we all, there is not such thing as perfection and I genuinely cannot fathom why people either mistake my kindness or just do things that could be seen as a little underhand.

I’m not going to go into any real details about it here because doing so won’t make anything change!

But I’ve noticed since certain things happened that my mood has been pretty grumpy and that’s really not me!

In the past when I’ve felt grumpy I’ve let myself stew in the negative thoughts and emotions that usually accompany grumpiness, but in the past that’s usually turned into some kind of downward spiral of mental health and actually being able to understand how things affect my brain is really refreshing!

The benefit of being someone who regularly exercises isn’t just the physical strength and stamina that grows with it but it’s also an incredible boost for my brain, I guess it’s something to do with chemicals in the body, I don’t know, but I do know that it makes me feel a lot better.

The weekend just gone was actually a lot of fun, Tom’s family (I call them my family too) came down and we all attended the Mill Road Winter Fair, it was a brilliant day and the weekend didn’t feel wasted, but a couple of things completely unrelated got to me and I felt the anger/grump levels rising!

Monday was meant to be a gym day, a way for me to hurt my body and get all of the anger out but I lost track of time and ended up missing it, I was then going to go on the Tuesday but I had to get a few things done in the morning and wouldn’t have time to go – and I’ve noticed in myself that I’ve been a little grumpy still and that my fuse feels shorter (things getting to me quicker) – so today is Wednesday, I’m gyming it this morning and I’m going to make it a really good one and I’m sure after that I will feel so much better and less like I want to rip off people’s legs and batter them with it! LOL

I guess that’s the sign of addiction, being cut off from the gym has made me experience a form of withdrawal in a way, how odd!

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