I’m not a monster but I do like Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa – ARTPOP

I’m not a monster but I do like Lady GaGa – I wasn’t the biggest fan of Born This Way, lets see how ARTPOP performs!


I remember hearing the leak of this track and loved it – the refined album version is just as good, I feel that this should have been the first single released from the album because it’s a lot better than applause.


I like the harmonising of the vocals on this track, it’s pretty catchy and easy to sing along with – the lyrics are a bit odd but it works – couldn’t help but laugh at the line “Uranus – don’y you know my ass is famous” though!


The chorus is infectious on this track, as is the bass throughout – I like it!

Sexxx Dreams

Filthy sex song – this is the kind of track that you could make love/fuck to and that’s not just based on the lyrics, the beat is dirty too 😉

Jewels n’ Drugs

I’m actually a fan of this song, a lot of people don’t seem to be but I’m a closet rap fan and it’s good to hear her do something different too, and the fast rap part is SICK (I’m down with the kids by using that expression!)


Hmmmm…I feel the same way about this track that I did about Hair (Born This Way) just not for me!

Do What U Want

Another good track, however I do not like R. Kelly and his appearance on the track just annoys me but I do like the track still, it could’ve been better without him though!


I like the almost telephone sounding music in the background – it’s not the strongest track and it’s a shame because it’s the title of the album itself – it’s not a bad track but it lacks the energy of most of the previous tracks.


This is probably my favourite track on the album – I can’t help but sing it when I’m doing stuff around the house – the best way about singing about a pig of a person, and the drop is awesome!!


All I can think of when I hear this song is David Bowie’s Fashion, not because they are anything alike but all I can think of is what a little mash up of the two would be like, it’s a strange track though.

Mary Jane Holland

Can’t say I like this track – it’s a little left field for me – couldn’t imagine dancing/singing along to this to be honest.


I’m glad she’s done a piano track on this album, it’s showcases the power of her voice and her talents as a pianist too.


I LOVE THIS TRACK – it sounds like a song by another band but I can’t for the life of me remember their name!


To start I liked this song but now it seems to have lost it’s shine – I think it’s probably due to the fact I hear it on repeat at work!

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