Last weekend I took a trip to London for the evening to have a night out at XXL and it was such an incredible weekend.

Last Weekend

Last weekend I took a trip to London for the evening to have a night out at XXL and it was such an incredible weekend.

Whilst I was there, one of my friends sent me a photo that his friend had taken whilst he was there and he said he’d noticed me in the background of the photo so he sent me the cropped version, weirdly coincidental!

I was lucky to be joined by my friend Felipe who drove us both down to the club, we spent a large majority of the drive down discussing a handful of things such as love, life, money and the future, Felipe is someone whose opinion and friendship I’m really grateful for, being able to open up about things in my brain was really helpful, I just hope I didn’t bore him.

Once in London, Felipe parked his car on Bear Lane (seriously!) and we headed to the club, we headed to the bar which was covered in doughnuts of all flavours and we ordered some drinks, it was at this point the barman told me that he recognised me and follows me on Instagram! This was such a lovely little boost to kickstart the evening!

After an hour or so my friend Finn joined us, he’d not been well the day before and wasn’t sure if he was going to come so I was glad when he did, we spent the majority of the evening hanging out together and try as I might to locate him, I’d seemed to have misplaced Felipe, I was guessing he was dancing in the main room as it was crazy crowded!

Now one thing that perplexed me a little was the upstairs toilets had all had their doors removed, which I’m not too worried about myself as it’s only a place I’m going for a piss in but then I had a chuckle to myself and though that what if someone really needed to evacuate their bowels and released that the doors were missing in action, poor bastard if that happened!

I also got to have albeit very brief chats with two lovely guys I’d kind of met/seen at pride but not properly chatted with, I’d like to catch up with them both properly at some point in time though!

Finn introduced me to his future flat mate, a cute and rather funny bearded gentleman, really nice guy!

I also bumped into someone I’ve followed online for 7-8 years but never met, it was great to finally meet him in the physical form!

Felipe messaged me around 4am to say he was knackered and ready to head home so I started to prepare to leave but then Finn kindly offered me a place to stay for the night so I let Felipe know and we carried on drinking, dancing and chatting in the smoking area outside (FYI I don’t smoke but it’s a great area to hang out and chat).

Later on in the evening I was noticed from Tumblr by someone I recognised from the internet too, I ended up chatting/hanging with him and his boyfriend for portions of the remainder of the evening, they were both so friendly and I’m hoping that I can catch up with them both again at some point in the future, really decent friendly guys!

The rest of the night is kind of a blur (well…it’s not but I’m going not going to go into detail about further activities, I’m not ashamed but I don’t think people want to know – LOL)

We ended up leaving the club around 6am and got an Uber to Finn’s place and slept in until early afternoon, once awake and able we had some breakfast and Finn introduced me to RuPaul’s Drag Race and I didn’t think I’d like it at all but I was pleasantly surprised! We also gamed a little and ordered pizza via Deliveroo and just spent the day hanging out together, it was awesome to spend some proper time together as we hadn’t had a chance to hang out for months!

After showering at around 7pm (Don’t judge, no energy at all!) I was accompanied to King’s Cross Station by Finn and managed to get on the train back to Cambridge. I was unlucky to have my journey sullied by a group of religious people who spent the whole journey back to Cambridge talking about God and Jesus…and I’m sat thinking back to the previous evening, thoroughly unholy! LOL

I’ve been pining for London ever since I got home, every time I visit London I miss it more each time. I’ve been creating some incredible memories and connections their recently and I’m feeling like it’s calling me!

But to recap – awesome weekend, can’t wait to go back, made some cool news friends and caught up with people I’ve been missing!

Names of certain people have been changed to protect their identity, not that they’d probably be that bothered but it’s best to err on the side of caution, and also having a pseudonym is kind of cool!

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