Woke up in early afternoon, was supposed to be going round Robjn’s but overslept (sorry!), no eBay packages today 🙁 watched the whole of series one of Ab Fab on DVD then checked my e-mail’s, the pirate game thing is sorted, YAY!!

Remixed a video of Shaunii and also a done a song too, entitled “Nobody Knows Him (Like We Know Him)”.

Had a browse on eBay for bargain music, but couldn’t find anything good, uploaded photos I took on way to work yesterday.

Been looking for my work keys as well, I can’t find them anywhere!! I’m sure they’re downstairs somewhere, lol…..as I say it’s been a lazy day so not much to say, but I’ll end by saying this “SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO DO A REMIX!!”

ciao twinkle x x x


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