In 7 days time I will be moving house and so today I spent a few hours doing some life admin

Life Admin

In 7 days time I will be moving house and so last night I spent a few hours doing some life admin, something I really enjoy doing, getting all of my shit together in one chunk of time, there’s something really satisfying about that!

After seeing my payslip I checked all of my outgoings for the month so I know where I stand with my income for the month ahead.

I updated my address with my bank, different services and so on.

I removed over 1600 people that I don’t really know from my Facebook profile.

I went through all of my contacts on my phone and removed people I don’t know or don’t speak to any more.

I looked up a new dentist closer to my new abode too which I’ll probably pop in and sign up once I’m settled and unpacked properly.

I’ve made a small dent in packing for the move too, I’m going to be giving a decent amount of things away to charity as I have a lot of things I no longer use or need.

I need to get some packing/storage boxes though, I did have a load of cardboard boxes that I’d kept aside for the move but someone here moved them outside on a day when it rained a lot and the boxes became all soggy and unuseable!

I’m super excited for the move, I’ve been living in the house I’m in currently all of my life and I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel like a home, it hasn’t for years, I’m looking forward to making a home with my Lion <3

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