Lockdown is an interesting thing to live through

Life Under Lockdown

The clown at No. 10 will reportedly be announcing changes to the lockdown restrictions today and although being under lockdown really sucks, I don’t feel that it’s time to remove any restrictions yet – I have this feeling that the government are making decisions based on economics rather than the safety of the people of this country, and if restrictions are lifted too early, it could have massive consequences and a huge increase in cases and deaths due to the virus.

The government have changed their “STAY HOME” message to “STAY ALERT“, which many people, myself included, feel is really unclear and open to massive interpretation.

The wonderful people of Twitter have been making their own versions of the government’s new “advice”, here’s a few of my favourites.


Lockdown is an interesting thing to live through, adapting to a disparate world and the challenges and changes that have come with it has been an experience that no-one expected that they’d have to go through.

From the hoarders of toilet paper, pasta and hand sanitiser, to the increase in community support and digital conferencing through apps like Zoom creating ways to bring people together virtually when they can’t do so in person, people have found ways to try to normalise this unprecedented period of our lives.

For me, I’ve definitely increased my creative output since lockdown started, I’ve put out more podcasts this year already than I did in 2019, I took part in NaPoWriMo 2020 and wrote 30 new poems. I still need to finalise them and then make them available too, but there is a selection I’ve shared available to read if you’re interested, just click the link.

I decided to create an offshoot podcast called TDYLN EXTRA which will be somewhere I post archival things, unposted shows, music experiments and anything I feel that might be interesting, once I’ve uploaded something to it I’ll be requesting to get it added to all of the podcast directories I can think of, if you follow me on any of my social media places, it’s likely I’ll throw a link there when it’s available – I also really like the artwork I made for it!


I also made a few changes to my podcast, changing it from being called “TDYLN – The Life of Toby” to a much more clear and concise – “The TDYLN Show”…

Click/Tap this image to see many different ways that you can subscribe to the podcast.

…and with that I updated the artwork for the show, the descriptions for the podcast and also incorporated the artwork colours and styles into my website with the new logo too.

New Logo

So, yeah – I’ve been keeping busy/distracted with that.

The hardest part of the lockdown has been when I had to attend the funeral of my stepdad, having to social distance and not being able to comfort my brother when I could see that he needed it was incredibly heartbreaking, words can offer comfort but don’t come anywhere near as comforting as a hug.

The service was beautiful and my brother did his father proud with the way he organised it, all things considered.

It was also the first time in ages that I’d been able to see both my mum and my brother together in years, so it was nice to see them.

But what comes next in this Coronavirus Era?

If/when the lockdown is lifted completely, whenever that is and when it’s safer to do so, will people rejoice and return to the ways they used to live?

I think not. I think that this whole situation will impact how we do things for a while. I also think that the negative impacts on mental health will take time to be addressed and healed – I actually reached out for some support from a employee assistance program that my workplace offers as I was starting to feel like I was struggling with my mental health and knowing the signs I made the initial call to get things started and was told that I would receive a message in a couple of days with a date and time for a counseling session, this never happened and I’m still waiting…

Luckily I feel like I’m in a better place mentally now than I was when I made the call for help, but I just can’t help but wonder if someone really needed help and fast, they might have not received it and that’s not ok.

No-one can predict “What Happens Next?” and taking each and every day as it comes is going to be the best course of action until we are really certain that we can be safe as possible, trying to look far into our future dealing with a virus that we don’t fully understand is kind of useless, until we truly understand it, we cannot predict anything.

If the government decide to put lives at risk, then our blood will forever be on their hands and history will judge them for the choice they made, let’s hope that they make the right decisions, I am however not convinced that they will do this, they will put more people at risk and will be responsible for more deaths due to COVID-19.

Only time will tell.

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