I’m still online, until the 17th July just a few days after my birthday, it’s going to be my 21st and that will mean I’m OFFICIALLY OLD!! Yes…I might as well go into BHS and buy a pair of slippers, I don’t want to get older but it’s unavoidable *cries*

My trust fund money went into my account this week too, now all I have to do is find a job and I’ll have a very healthy bank account, I’m not going to waste it, that’s a promise.

Today was Live8, Madonna was good, I didn’t watch much of it though I did like the Dido + Yossour N’Dour (probably spelt wrong) Duet, I knocked up a few tunes today, one under my new alias, which I’m keeping secret (for now).

I’m going to go out walking tomorrow, I’m getting sooooooo homebound that it’s not funny!!

I’ll take my camera, dictaphone and mobile, maybe a pen and a writing book, find somewhere quiet and reflect.

I still need to find a job, I have to make this paramount in my priorities.

Right, I shall be off to bed shortly

twinkle xxx


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