I was going to kick off 2020 with a blog post covering things that I’ve done in the last decade but then I realised that looking back can be fun but I kind of want to start 2020 by looking forward rather than in some kind of self-reflecting retrospective.

It’s January 1st 2020 today and at the time of writing this blog post, it’s currently 11:39pm – I’ve just finished hanging out my laundry to dry after watching probably the best episode of Doctor Who I’ve ever watched in my life, seriously – what a way to start a new season and the episode was left on such a huge cliffhanger too, I’m not going to post any spoilers but I recommend you go and watch it straight away and avoid all spoilers, trust me, you don’t want to spoil this one!

Jodie and her magnificent team <3

I definitely want to be more creative this year and with the eventual launch of my new podcast, Toby Honest – I’m looking to make a difference and change things up a little bit.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day it’s going to be a day of photography in Thetford Forest with some awesome people and I’m hoping that they’ll be some great results to share afterward.

My laptop is currently at 12% battery and I want to make sure I post this blog before it dies so I guess I just wanted to use 2020 as a way to leave the years behind and start building and growing, I know my past successes and failures and there is really no need to revisit them again, they are part of me and my life and I’m not forgetting them, I rarely forget things, but they need a place to belong, a point of reference but no longer a weighty museum of me.

One thing I did want to share is my yearly recap video, this one is called 2019 in 267 seconds.

I might try to do more video based content too, but YouTube for me just isn’t a fun platform to create content for, maybe I could look into more longform type videos and host them elsewhere, bigger projects, meatier content – I’m just bored of the majority of YouTube things being very unrealistic and kinda samey, I think I only use YouTube now for obscure vines, weird music genres and fail videos….oh, and doggos!

I am working on a post about my pup persona too.

Coming soon!

I want to tell the story of Eli but I want to do it right, about a year ago I made a video about it but I was told it didn’t feel right so I promptly removed it but I’d like to take elements from that and see what I can come up with, so watch this space!

Battery is almost dead, so I’m hitting publish now!

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