Loves, Like & Pokemon

When you haven’t written a blog for a while it can sometimes be a little harder to start writing a post but I thought I’d just go for it and start typing and see what flows from my fingers!

Facebook has recently changed the way their “likes” work and I have to say that I love the change, it gives everything a little more emotion, which is good!


Pokemon celebrated its 20th anniversary this week, I remember first time I ever played it and I was hooked, I had Pokemon Red and I picked Bulbasaur, I must have gone through thousands of packs of batteries as I played it ALL OF THE TIME!

So when Nintendo decided to re-release Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow on the e-shop I decided to buy Pokemon Blue instead, have played it for a few hours and it’s been bringing back so many memories!


Yesterday, Tom and I took a trip to Jamaica Blue in the centre of Cambridge for breakfast and afterwards we made our way to Saffron Walden for a quick wander around the market, we ended up at a stall called Wild Game Meat LTD and tried a few of the tasters there, one of which was a sausage made from beaver so for the first time in my life I can say I’ve eaten beaver! *chuckles childishly*

This evening we used some of the elk sausages we bought from the market and had them with mashed potato, peas and a homemade redcurrant and onion gravy!


All in all it’s been a nice relaxing weekend, 5 more days of work and then we both have a week off! Yay!

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