Today’s Tune : Missy Elliott vs Black Strobe – Missy’s Italian Firefly (twinkleboi freakon mix)

Yes, todays tune is my latest bootleg 🙂
C.O.M.C sent me a demo of a Spice Girls mix he’s working on using the wannabe acapella I created a while back, is so fucking out of it, and that’s why I love it!!
I am going to make all of the video’s in the video section available also in mov form for those with MACS, makes sense! Work was mind numbingly boring today, I would have got more entertainment from watching paint dry, I miss my ickle chickens H and L 🙁
I’m just in Bad Mood Mode at work atm, I’m sure it’ll pass….when I leave!

Oh well adios amigos

twinkle xxx


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