I remember back in the day when I used to blog whilst I was in a situation that was boring me shitless, such as being stuck on a bus in the middle of rush hour traffic or waiting for someone to turn up and they were running late, you get the gist. Most of the time I never really had much to say, usually it was observational commentary, letting everyone know what I was doing, where I was going or how I was feeling.

I thought it might be interesting (it might not) to try to revive one of my original blogging styles to see what came out at the end of it all.

I’ve just woken up, it’s a Monday morning and it’s really frosty outside, thankfully I’m on a late shift today so I can stay here in the warmth for a while longer.

I don’t think I slept well, I dreamt of black swans, I dream quite a lot and sometimes I don’t remember them once I’m fully awake but there used to be a black swan that lived in one of the parks near to where I grew up and they always leave an imprint in my mind, a complete opposite to the majestic white swan but I find them to be equally majestic.

I’m contemplating what to have for breakfast this morning, it will probably be a massive mug of tea and some cereal, but I’m not heading down just yet because I’m writing this very blog, however my tummy is making rather loud gurgle-type hunger noises so I’ll have to go and feed it soon!

I’m doing my Cubvent Calendar again on Tumblr this year, I’m also aiming for daily creation, whether it’s a blog, a vlog, a poem, a song or a podcast – I think so far I’ve managed to do so but even if I miss a day I’m still creating things which makes me incredibly happy.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas and New Year, this year I’m spending it in Amsterdam with the wonderful Jos, I’m super excited that I’ll get to spend it with him and also that I’ll get to meet his family and friends too, this is going to be my first time abroad (I did travel to EuroDisney when I was 14 with my school but it was so fucking awful it doesn’t count) and I’m really looking forward to it, like really though!

I received a letter from the company that I had my IVA with on Saturday which stated that it was fully implemented and complete. I’ve been debt free since October but I was still waiting for this letter to confirm it once all of the creditors had received their share of the money I’d paid. Such a relief!

I’m fairly low on money already this month, the tickets took a big chunk out of my wages, originally this month my work was meant to pay us at a new higher rate of pay, plus back pay from October, however this wasn’t implemented for whatever reason and now we have to wait (and hope they get it right) for the pay in December (which will include back pay for October and November now), payday is on the 21st so I’ll be doing all of my shopping in one day, either before or after a shift at work! Haha! Nothing like pressure, eh? But carbon can become a diamond under pressure and this cub will become a shopping Superman come payday.

Right I think that’s enough for today, lots of things to look forward to this month!

Have a great day whatever you are doing, let me know how your week/month is looking!

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