Monday, a new week begins.


Monday, a new week begins and yet I woke up feeling very much like I wasn’t going to enjoy it.

I spent the morning slowly waking up, I made breakfast and had a huge mug of tea but there was this weird sense of angst sitting on my shoulders, I don’t particularly enjoy late shifts and today’s was the first one I’d have to do since I returned.

I think it’s the weird sense of running out of time before work that really gets to me primarily, I also feel that a late shift has this sense of dragging, time slowing to a crawl and the inevitable sense of boredom, and boredom is something that I really struggle to deal with at times, especially when I feel like I’ve got no escape from it, I’ve even written poetry about it.

The shift did drag, like I knew it would but I did try to make sure that I kept myself busy, it’s just harder when you are stuck in one position for 8 hours with limited resources, but I make do with what I have.

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