Money’s Worth

I recently renewed my web hosting and although it only cost me £60 for 14 months, it mad me think that I’m paying for something which if I don’t post content regularly to then it’s the equivalent to sticking money in a shredder, so I’m definitely going to attempt to create more so that I don’t just feel like I’m wasting my money!

One of the hardest things I find with blogging and so on is how to garner interaction with people that read or listen to my content, this isn’t as hard when it comes down to video content though, I guess it’s a different kind of media and with YouTube it’s kind of easy to respond to comments, with blogs and podcast feedback I tend to receive feedback via twitter as it’s instant – this is why I love Twitter!

This blog post doesn’t really have an end goal, more just a stream of thoughts – and via the medium of smartphones, I wrote this whole blog post whilst sat on the bus home from work!

Do you have your own blog/podcast? Let me know because I’m always looking for new stuff to read or listen to!

I’ve been loving Carl’s blog a lot recently too, it’s awesome!

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