Today’s Tune : Capella – U got 2 let the Music (Pulsedriver Vs Bass-T Remix)

-=New Years Resolutions=-

Be Healthy – exercise at every available opportunity, eat lots of health food, though not ryvita’s!

Make more music – try to excel in my musical capabilities, learn new instruments, hardware and software.

More Visual Media – Make a short film or two, edited with my own soundtrack, take more pictures and learn more about photography.

Enrol in University – Creative Music Technology Course.

Stop Impulse Purchasing – Those credit cards will have to go!

Travel More – Go abroad someplace nice, I have many ideas on that one.

Quit Job – Rather self-explanatory, I work with a mini Hitler and no longer enjoy myself there.

Learn to Drive – Pedestrians Beware!

I’m pretty sure there are more but at this moment in time, I’m getting ready for work and don’t have time, lol.


Well work was utter shite, Grotbags a.k.a Hitler was in…Oh well, job searching mode activated!!

I need sleep now people, just a thought but lots of you seem to be reading these journals o’mine, the online blog thing seems very popular nowadays, which is great in a way…it’s also kinda like spying on someone but not?!

Ok? I’m not making sense, if anyone wants to contact me about music, videos, etc, then feel free to e-mail me, I reply!

Freemix project is still running, I want more people to ask me!! Lol, seriously, nowadays you can’t give remixing away for free!!

I’m working on a Placebo remix of some kind, Oh and from now on, this blog is very regularly updated so keep checking back!

Ciao twinkle xxx


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