No Internet

I was planning on doing something slightly different for  but seeing as our broadband internet isn’t working I thought I’d just turn this into a bit of a rant.

Well, not a rant – it’s actually not that bad in the grand scale of things, we’ve had a good evening of curries, cocktails and I’ve made a slight tit of myself on Snapchat *achievement unlocked* LOL

The only thing that’s really bugging me about not having the internet tonight is that I can’t watch tonight’s episode of Doctor Who *cries*

But it’s been a good evening even without the internet, and we’ve been able to use 4G on our phones so it wasn’t a full internet shutdown situation.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, albeit maybe slightly hungover, the Internet will be back and I can finally watch the latest Who episode.

Anyway, this blog post has been a little bit pointless really, how do you cope without the Internet?

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